Dear Reader

The World Marketing Center is a group of businesses which are brought here under one roof. Our offices are situated in the Philippines and are in Makati Manila and Bacolod.

Our team of people found living in the Philippines very different from back home. With something like 110 million people {know one really knows the population} and fifteen million people living in Manila. A very hot sticky humid climate and its very polluted so air conditioning is a must.

One of the first things we noticed here was the extreme poverty and its difficult to understand just how the people put up with it all. Families are large here and the daily struggle for life in this sprawling metropolis seems to never improve.

So if you like it hot and sticky and not expensive then this may be the place for you.

We shall working on our Internet Site hopefully you will find this site informative and certainly if you are thinking about living here or even having a holiday you should take a look.